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Reservations 401-323-3290                                                                                      3 Royal Avenue, Warwick, RI 02889
To book a room online:                                                         or call 401-323-3290 for reservations

1.  Check availability for the Emperor, King or Queen Suite. 
2.  Read 3 Royal Waterfront Suite Policies.  
3.  Fill out form below, once submitted return to this page to leave a deposit.
4.  Purchase $150 deposit to secure reservation (deposit subtracted from total room price, balance due at check-in). All major credit cards
      accepted.  You do not need a Paypal account.
5.  You will receive a confirmation when the transaction is complete and a suite confirmation
     number via email within twenty-four hours.

Full Name
Arrival Date
Departure Date
Desired Suite
Contact email
Suite Deposit
Step 3
Fill out form below.  Submit once (when you hit the back buttonyou will be returned to this page and form will be blank, but do not resubmit.)  Continue with step 4.  
Step 4
All major credit cards accepted.  You DO NOT need a Paypal  account to leave a deposit. 
      a) Select Suite Deposit below
      b) Enter (1) quantity in Shopping Cart for suite deposit
      c) proceed to checkout
      d) select "Dont have a Payal account?"                         
      e) Please allow  24 hours for a confirmation from 3 Royal 
           Waterfront Suites. If less than 24 hours please call 401-323-3290
Approximate Arrival Time
Contact phone number